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The Easy Move is a London based moving company, providing affordable Residential Moving Services. We can help take the stress out of it. Our London residential movers are constantly under the spot light to prove that we truly are the best movers in London, Ontario.

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Wrapping Furniture

At London’s moving company The Easy Move we treat your belongings as if they were our own. Our London residential movers & packers are specifically trained to wrap and secure your furniture and wrap other delicate items to make sure they get to your new home the way we found it.

Our team is trained in stacking the truck in a manner that will minimize any stress to the structure of your belongings. The crew is capable of disassembling tables, chairs, bunk beds etc. and there is nothing too heavy that we can’t move.

Our movers are constantly under the spotlight to prove that we truly are the best residential movers in London.

Guide For Moving Day In London Ontario

Moving can be stressful, but only if you are unprepared come moving day. Ensuring the moving companies you are researching have some of the following criteria will make your life a lot easier and limit the amount of risk associated with your move.

Cardboard boxes can be your friend or your worst enemy. If you are not experienced in building boxes and taping them properly, please contact us for this service.

Cardboard boxes when improperly stacked or when stacking irregular shaped banana boxes, or left over random boxes can be a nightmare; during the move they will shift, be crushed, fall and ultimately cause you heartache.

When stacking plates (china) stack them vertically, don’t stack them like they are in your cupboard they will break from vibrations and bumps in the road.

Don’t pack in things you will need first on arrival to your new home ie. Don’t pack in the internet or wireless boxes in first while the installation guy waits there for an hour while you unpack.

If you are not moving your own home, make sure to book your mover (hopefully us!) a month before, especially if its in the high moving season (June 1st to Sept 1st) in London Ontario. Disconnect all your services and call in your final meter readings on hydro or gas prior to your moving day.

Fridges must be defrosted and unplugged 24 hours prior to the moving day. If its not, the water will leak into the truck and your contents will get wet.

Banana boxes or other make shift boxes cannot be stacked in the moving truck and will just waste room and jeopardize another trip back to get the rest. Please use our blue bins and new cardboard packages- it will save you money and time on moving day.

Your Moving Checklist:

6 weeks to a month before you move:

  1. Call The Easy Move movers in London Ontario toll free at 519-859-4770 to schedule your moving day and make sure you are 100% in the schedule.
  2. Make any necessary address changes (pick up the paperwork) from the post offices in your area
  3. Each district has different paperwork for public and private school name transfers, be sure to make the necessary changes for your kids schooling.
  4. Although we are experienced with appliances, be sure to locate owner manuals if possible as certain machines have specific ways to relocate them from home to home.
  5. Please do not procrastinate. Most people underestimate the amount of stress and work that needs to be done PRIOR to your moving day.  The more prepared you are, the easier the moving day will be for you.

2 weeks prior to you moving day:

  1. Our boxes can come with individual box labels and when used can save you an enormous amount of time AFTER we have moved you. Cleary labelling boxes enable us to move the bins/boxes into the appropriate rooms. There is nothing more frustrating than moving half the boxes around again 2 days after we have left the move.
  2. Don’t forget the shed. Many times we show up, pack the truck up, and then the owner forgot to tell us the shed and “whatever is in there” is going. Sheds, when not properly packed and sorted can take an additional time to clean out. Don’t waste your money.
  3. Order final readings for all meters on your house.
  4. Redirect any subscription based services to the new address.

The week prior to the moving day:

  1. Fax/mail in change of address forms to the appropriate offices
  2. Wash off any machines (lawnmower, snow blower etc.) or wrap them in plastic bags to prevent gas and oil spillage. Any kitchen items should be cleaned such as self cleaning your stove and wiping down microwaves.

The Day before the big moving day

  1. Make sandwiches and lunches.
  2. After snacks have been made. Unplug all the fridges, freezers and mini bars that will be moved, keep their doors open with a piece of cardboard.
  3. Locate your check book, withdrawal enough cash, and have a credit card handy for backup. (Our movers love cash tips by the way!)

The Easy Move is the right choice for the following reasons:

  • An affordable and trustworthy alternative to other, more expensive, London area moving/relocating companies.
  • A free, onsite estimate that will address all your relocation needs. Email or call us 519-859-4770, to verify the minimum requirement for this service.
  • Free, on-line estimates for all relocation services, including rental crates, packing and unpacking services as well as a wide variety of packing supplies.
  • Honest, experienced, and reliable staff.
  • Extensive experience in moving fragile items such as fine art, antiques and large items including pianos.
  • Dismantling & reassembly of household items including furniture, beds etc. (Our staff supplies all tools).
  • General and customized liability coverage including your goods, property, trucks and workmen’s -compensation.
  • Upon arrival to your new home, we will place your belongings in the rooms by your request.

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  • Well Equipped

    We are a professional moving company, and all trucks are fully equipped with everything needed for a move at no extra charge.

  • Insured & Recognizable

    Our trucks are decaled with our company information, and all our workers are in uniform, making us instantly recognizable.

  • Experienced

    We have been moving household furniture for over ten years as a Corporation and for more than fourteen years as a regular company.

  • BBB’s A+ Accreditation

    As we are a division of Sprint Delivery Service Inc. and Sprint Moving Service, we are an accredited business with the BBB with an A+ rating.

  • Commercial Moving Services London Ontario

    Hi Matt: I just want to thank the Easy Move Team we had for our move from London to Kitchener. The three guys that helped with the move were professional, hardworking, polite and extremely careful with all of our belongings. The estimate we were given was accurate and the price for our move was more than reasonable. What impressed me most was when one small item was accidentally left on the truck, one of the movers, on his own time drove the item right to our new house…..incredible service! A big thanks for making this day trouble free!

    - Greg McKinty

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