Five Tips When Preparing For Your Move

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Five Tips When Preparing For Your Move

One of the toughest parts of changing houses is moving because of the multitude of things that have to be done. Often in the excitement and stress associated with shifting house, the little things are forgotten which makes life difficult for both the homeowners and the movers. As an experienced and renowned name in moving, The Easy Move wants to help make your moving process a whole lot easier. To do so, we have compiled a list of five tips to help you prepare for your move.

Tip #1: Get your utilities in order.

Make sure to call all utility companies and give them your move out and move in dates.

Tip #2: Have Canada Post change your address in records.

Call Canada post and pay the month to have your mail sent to your new address and pay the extra for them to have addresses changed with company's they have the ability to do this with.

Tip #3: Get your registered address changed.

Make sure to call credit card companies, bank’s and government agency’s and change your address.

Tip #4: Pack your things for a move.

Have everything emptied out of all furniture packed into boxes and tape all boxes shut. It is best to have everything packed into boxes and not use garbage bags, as it makes it easier and faster for the movers to move your belongings. Anything that you might need access to pack into a box that you can put into your car.

Tip #5: Offer refreshments to the movers.

Have water or other drinks for your movers, they will be grateful, as moving is a tough job.

As London, Ontario’s most trusted moving company for residential and commercial moves, The Easy Move will make moving a stress-free experience for you. We are a complete moving, packing and storage services company, with over ten years of experience and all our personnel is well trained, in uniform, polite and professional.

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